Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc is family owned with over 50 years of experience. Whether your Gas Furnace needs a new heat exchanger or your Air Conditioner is blowing warm air Lambie will be there with our no surprise Flat-Rate Pricing and a One Year Guarantee on Repairs. Our technicians are trained to work on your HVAC equipment regardless of brand or model. Equipment we repair includes…

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Flat-Rate Pricing

With our Flat-Rate Pricing system Lambie charges by the job, not by the hour. During regular business hours, Lambie charges an $95 Diagnostic Fee to send a Factory Trained Service Technician to your home to assess your heating or cooling system. After your assessment, the technician will quote you all necessary repairs. You know the price before the fix – No Surprises!

One Year Guarantee

Lambie guarantees its repairs for One Year from date of service.

Gas Furnace and Air Handler Repairs

Whether your Furnace is making a new noise, not firing up, blowing cold air, cycling on and off, leaking water, or another concern Lambie Technicians can troubleshoot the problem. Troubleshooting may include (but not limited too) checking for error codes, filter, flue pipe, condensate pipe/tubing, temperature rises, blower motor, inducer motor, control board, gas pressure, limits, pressure switches, or thermostat. Contact Lambie and a Technician will show the problem and give you the solution!

Air Conditioner, Heat Pump, and Evaporator Coil Repairs

Common complaints we hear from homeowners when cooling their home include blowing warm air, icing on refrigerant lines, water around furnace, outside unit is humming and/or not coming on, or blower will not come on. Contact Lambie and a Technician will access your cooling system and let you know if your filter, furnace blower motor, capacitor, fan motor, refrigerant level, thermostat, compressor, or if something else is the problem. Then they will provide you the solution!

Air Purifier and Electronic Air Cleaner Repairs

Do you hear that popping coming from your electronic air cleaner? Does your thermostat keep reminding you to change your filter and you just did? Does the power light on your air purifier fail to come on? Are you overwhelmed with all the filter options at your local store? Contact Lambie and a Technician will assess your air filtration system and give you the answers you need.

Thermostat Repairs

What do you do when your thermostat is blank? Does your thermostat seem to have a mind of its own? A blank thermostat is usually caused by lack of power either because your batteries need to be replaced or if it is hardwired your furnace is not getting power. If it has a “mind of its own”, it is probably stuck in program mode. However, these problems may not always have simple answers (and sometimes even the simple answer can be complicated). Contact Lambie and we will send a Technician to solve all your Thermostat Problems!

Humidifier and Dehumidifier Repairs

Common problems we hear at Lambie in homes with humidifiers is the humidifier does not seem to be adding moisture to the air, I can hear water running all the time, and water is leaking around my humidifier. Contact Lambie and a Technician can diagnose your problem and give you the solution to your humidification equipment.

Air Flow and Duct Design Repairs

Do you have hot rooms? Do you have cold rooms? Do you have frequent large repairs? Does furnace frequently shut down or only blow cool air before your thermostat reaches the set temperature? Does your furnace cycle on and off? Contact Lambie and a Technician can evaluate your heating system and duct design to determine the cause of any problems and provide solutions for your home.