Answers to your most common heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs.

Q: What size of equipment do I need?

A: When one of our trained estimators arrive at your home to give you your free in-home estimate, they will measure the perimeter of your home.  They will also take notice of the type and value of insulation you have in your walls, ceiling, and floors; location of windows and glass type; and number of floors.  With this information they will calculate the appropriate size of equipment for your home.


Q: Which system is right for me?

A: Everyone has different needs and expectations with their new HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.  As a Factory Authorized Carrier Dealer we offer a large selection of products that can provide solutions to all of your heating, cooling, and indoor air quality needs including concerns about allergies, dry air, humid air, temperature fluctuations, energy savings, and the environment.  When our estimator arrives at your home, you will be given a Home Comfort, Health, and Energy Savings Survey to complete.  Our estimator will use your answers to custom design a new HVAC system for you.


Home Comfort, Health and Energy Savings Survey


Q: Wouldn’t larger equipment make my home even more comfortable?

A: No.  It is essential that your new HVAC system be the right size for your home, not too small and not too large.  Oversized equipment unnecessarily increases your energy usage and therefore your energy bill.  Oversized cooling equipment will not properly remove humidity from your home making you feel cold and clammy.  Oversized equipment also leads to more maintenance issues and shorter life span for your new equipment.

Q: How long does it take to install a new furnace or air conditioner?

A: On average a furnace or air conditioner can be installed in one day.  Frequently, a new furnace and air conditioner can also be installed in one day as well.

Q: What kind of warranty does new Carrier Equipment purchased and installed through Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc come with?

A: Most of Carrier Furnace, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Coil, Fan Coils, and Infinity Controls come with a 1o Years Parts and 3 Year Labor Warranty when registered. Most Thermostats have a 5 Years Parts and 1 Year Labor Warranty.

Q: Why is part of my home warmer or cooler than other parts?

A: The solution to this problem usually has to do with airflow.  Before we leave any install we take the time to balance the airflow throughout the house by adjusting airflow in the duct system and if necessary (and possible), increasing the fan speed on the blower in the furnace.

Q: Why is there ice on the pipes leading to my air conditioner?

A: These pipes are known as freon lines.  They can “freeze up” for a number of reasons. Frequently, icing occurs because of dirty filter preventing proper air flow through you HVAC system.  If your filter is dirty, replace it and allow the equipment to thaw before starting it back up.  If this does not solve your problem, you will need to contact an authorized cooling contractor.

Q: Why is my air conditioner blowing warm air?

A: This problem can occur as a result of a dirty filter.  Simply replace your dirty filter within a few minutes, you should have cool air coming from your registers.  However, under these conditions your air conditioner might also “freeze up.”  You will need to allow all ice to thaw before starting up your unit again.

Q: Why is my thermostat blank?

A: Generally when a thermostat’s display screen goes blank, it needs it’s batteries replaced.  Most thermostats require one or two AA batteries.

Q: Why does freon cost so much?

A: Until 2010, the most commonly used form of refrigerant in air conditioners (aka freon) was R-22.  However in 2010, all heating and cooling manufacturers were banned from producing new air conditioners or heat pumps that used R-22 on the basis that R-22 was harmful to our environment.  As a result of phasing-out R-22, the price of R-22 has dramatically increased.  Newer units now use a more environmentally friendly form of refrigerant known as 410a.

Q: How often should I change my filter?

A: One inch filters should be replaced monthly.  More frequently in homes with lots of furry pets or if you have done any remodeling.

Q: My air conditioner or furnace is not coming on at all.  What should I do?

A: Check your fuse box or breaker box to be sure that your unit is getting power.  If this does not solve your problem you will not to contact a qualified heating and cooling company.

Q: Where can I purchase new furnace filters?

A: Most one inch filters can be purchased at very reasonable prices at your local hardware store.  Lambie Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. also stocks a wide variety of one inch filters and specialty filters.  Call us at (309) 682-8005 for any of your filter needs.